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Window opens with the wrong dimensions when primary and secondary are NOT TOP aligned [Mac]


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Bug report in bug 644733 Comment 61:

problem summary:
The patch is correctly created new windows now, but windows are sized for the lowest screen size on the system and not sized correctly for the screen the window is actually appearing on.

monitor layout:
- left hand monitor is 1440x900
- right hand monitor is 1920x1200, main menu bar on this monitor

Example steps:

1) Open a browser window on the right hand monitor (1920x1200).
2) Expand vertically to fill the right hand monitor.
3) Close that browser window.
4) Press CMD+N to create a new browser window.  Confirm that it filled the screen vertically as expected.
5) Close the browser window.
6) Open Tools > Downloads window and position on left hand monitor.
7) Press CMD+N to create a new browser window.

A browser window is created on the right-hand monitor *but* is vertically sized no taller than the left hand monitor.

This is not an issue where Firefox is remembering the previous window size for subsequent windows.  In fact, if a browser window is already present on the right hand monitor, subsequent windows created on the right hand monitor are sized correctly for the right hand monitor.  It is only when no windows are present on the right monitor that new windows sized incorrectly.
No longer depends on: 644733
Depends on: 644733
See also attachment #556440 [details]  (originally on bug #644733)
644733_nightlyfix_example movie

screen recording example of window size/position bug fix across two monitors.
Mentor: bgirard
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It reproduces on my setup, and I would like to work on this as my 2nd bug.
This is WFM with latest Nightly 48.0a1, 20160405030214 on MacBookPro 10.11.2 with left hand monitor being the MBP and the right hand montior being the external 25" screen.
Closed: 4 years ago
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