When saving a small file, no entry added in the saved files dialog



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7 years ago
Originally from https://github.com/protz/GMail-Conversation-View/issues/391

Long story short: mail attachments that are already in cache, when downloaded, add no corresponding entry in the Saved Files dialog.

The code that's responsible for this is (I think): <http://mxr.mozilla.org/comm-central/source/mailnews/base/src/nsMessenger.cpp#1797>. However, if I change this to add an item every time someone downloads an attachment, this will pop up the saved files dialog every single time, which might get annoying. And as far as I know, we have no UI-visible pref to disable this. This will get annoying in the end.

There might be stuff that happens in bug 564934 and that might affect this issue. Any way, I don't really know what's best, but I wanted to make sure we have this on file so that we can possibly discuss the best course of actions. I think the current situation is bad anyway.

I'm open to any thoughts on how we could possibly improve this.

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7 years ago
Forgot to CC :davida who's the original reporter.

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7 years ago
wow, so this is not a regression from change in attachments?
(perhaps not many people use this list)

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7 years ago
No I don't think this is a regression.


7 years ago
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6 years ago
As an end-user I'd like to make the point that this presents a significant interruption to workflow. When you download the file, you expect to be able to switch to the downloaded files window to be able to handle it. As things stand, the file disappears with no ready way of manipulating it.
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