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[SEO] Optimize for individual key terms


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Let's optimize for individual key terms including:

*Firefox Channels
*Rapid Release
*Aurora [Aurora for desktop, Aurora for mobile, Aurora for Android]
*Beta [Beta for desktop, Beta for mobile, Beta for Android]
*Mobile [phone, mobile device, mobile browser, Android, tablet]

Can you all add any ideas you have. We're working towards this with the redesign of Channels and with Bug 646880.

Bug 672669 and Bug 682384 look to optimize /features towards Q4 for desktop & mobile respectively.

Thanks so much!

Also, plug here to keep up with
How about "browser" ? Surprisingly the Firefox landing page contain no word "browser" in the page body. When you search "browser" with Google, is ranked as #10, far from #1 Chrome. It's definitely a negative effect of optimizing for page load performance.

FYI: As I understand SEO is important for us, our Mozilla Japan site has adopted the previous landing page, including the tabbed style product descriptions. The page contains a sufficient amount of words. When you search "ブラウザ" ("browser" in Japanese) with Google, is #1. Chrome is... #19 somehow.
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Hey Chrissie - Since the designs are now almost complete for the Release Channel builds would you say they pass the SEO test? Or are there any copy additions/changes you'd recommend to make them stronger in SEO?

I'm moving this to a end of the quarter milestone since it's not tied to one particular page. It also may be nice to revisit once the pages are live, for any quick copy wins.
Blocks: 646880
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Hi Chrissie - I'm going to put this in the "Future" bucket until there's something that can be implemented. Looking forward to it!
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I'm gonna close this as Incomplete because it's missing actionable items for implementation.
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