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W3C CUAP: Respect Content-Type HTTP header


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[ This bug is one of the recommendations in the W3C's "Common User Agent 
Problems" document, URL above. One bug has been filed on each recommendation, 
for deciding whether we do it and, if not, whether we should. ]

3.2 Respect the media type of a resource if one is explicitly given using
the Content-Type HTTP header.


     If an HTML document is returned with a Content-Type value of
     text/plain, the user agent must render the document as plain text
     without interpreting HTML elements and attributes (i.e. the HTML
     source must be displayed).
Blocks: 68427
Rumour has it that we do this right, so this is WORKSFORME... but 
this needs confirmation by someone in the know.

Hardware: PC → All
People keep filing bugs that suggest mozilla ignore content types under certain
circumstances. Bug 67646 is the most disturbing to me.

I would certainly want mozilla to obey the server except, possibly, under a very
few circumstances and these circumstances would have to be user-specifed.
Depends on: 67646
Attached file testcase
I have attached a test case and it works for me with Mozilla 0.8 on NT4.
Marking so.
Closed: 22 years ago
Keywords: testcase
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

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Sorry it did not work for all mimetypes and all kind of item names. 
If we set application/ for downloading items it only works for those without an extension. e.g. Image is send with application/ and using a name of Image.png ignores that given mimetype. It changes the mimetype because of the extension to image/png.

The reason for using our own mimetype for downloading is that we want to download multiple items in one shot. If the mimetype once becomes accepted by the user he can fetch all items without enabling this download feature for all kind of mimetypeds.

Verified Broken
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