Hyphenation dictionary will not load correctly if Firefox is installed to a unicode path on Windows

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Windows 7
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The current way we load hyphenation dictionaries is to call GetNativePath on a nsIFile. This method can fail on Windows, because on Windows not every file can be represented by a char*: the only reliable way to represent a file path is with a WCHAR*/PRUnichar*.


This can probably be fixed by bug 65537, but if not we need to modify libhyphen to take a windows-style path on Windows.
(In reply to Benjamin Smedberg  [:bsmedberg] from comment #0)
> This can probably be fixed by bug 65537, but if not we need to modify
> libhyphen to take a windows-style path on Windows.

Correction: bug 655337.
Depends on: 655337
As the code only uses very basic stdio calls to access the dictionary, it looks like we could easily #define those functions in the hnjalloc.h header (which is a custom mozilla version anyway) in order to work around the issue here without having to actually patch the hyphen.c source (which I'd prefer to avoid if possible).

Here's a first attempt at a simple implementation - this replaces fopen, fgets and fclose (for the libhyphen code only) so that the string we pass to hnj_hyphen_load is a URL spec instead of just a pathname, and nsIInputStream is used to read from it - basically as Ehsan suggested in bug 655337 comment #6, point 3.

This version avoids changing the API of hnj_hyphen_load (e.g. to take an nsIURI instead of a C string), so that we don't have to patch core libhyphen code.

This should also provide a basis for loading hyphenation dictionaries from resource:// URLs referencing JARs, rather than individual files; as such, it's a first step towards fixing bug 655337.
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patch, use URI spec rather than utf8 file path to specify hyphenation dictionary

Looks good to me.
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