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Memory leaks. Sometimes mem usage gets to 1 GB+ with only one empty tab opened (after loading many images)


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Steps to reproduce:

I opened Firefox 6.0.2 (default is one tab with Memory usage was 109,560K (Private Bytes), 102,000K (Working Set) as reported by Process Explorer.

I opened a new tab and navigated to The memory usage increased to 120,964K (Private Bytes), 139,972K (Working Set). I clicked on various pictures which were opened in the same tab. After I viewed a picture I clicked the back button. After viewing 20 pictures the memory usage increased to 145,472K (Private Bytes), 166,004K (Working Set). After I closed the tab the memory usage stayed the same.

I then opened a new tab and searched for "Firefox bug report" in Google. I had to make a new account so I opened to activate my account. After that I had to leave the computer for 1 hour. At the moment I am writing this, the memory usage as reported by Process Explorer is 199,988K (Private Bytes), 220,884K (Working Set). See attached file ProcessExplorer_FFMemoryUsage.JPG. The Firefox cache size reported by about:cache is 11,614K. See attached file AboutCache.JPG.

In other instances of normal FF usage over 6+ hours, after browsing to different sites and viewing 100+ pictures (resolution 1000x1200 or more) and viewing several clips on youtube, the memory usage increased to 1,100,000+ KB (Private Bytes), 1,200,000+ KB (Working Set). At this point FF becomes laggy. I have multiple other applications opened and the machine has 2 GB of RAM. The problem is easily recreateable.

Actual results:

Memory usage increases a lot during use (especially when viewing pages that contain pictures - and especially when viewing large pictures).

Could memory fragmentation be an issue?

Expected results:

Memory usage should keep within reasonable limits.
Attached image The about:cache capture
Attachment #559418 - Attachment description: The about → The about:cache capture
I should mention that the 1.1+ GB memory usage that I mentioned above went down slightly after I closed all tabs to just under 1 GB, which is still a lot considering that there was only one empty tab opened.
Please capture the contents of about:memory when this occurs
about:memory shows absolutely nothing. See screenshot (AboutMemory.JPG). Memory usage at this point is 222,356K (Private Bytes), 243,916K (Working Set). Only this bug page and about:memory page are opened in 2 tabs.
Attached image about:memory
Is about:memory empty if you start Firefox in Safe Mode?
I restarted FF in safe mode. My initial web page, as stated, above, is Google main page SSL. I entered "about:memory" in that initial tab. Attachement is AboutMemory_SafeMode_Initial.JPG. Memory usage was a lot lower than when all extensions were enabled (something around 50 MB). Then I opened again and opened some 20 tabs with images (middle click on each image). After all pages were loaded, memory usage went up to ~400 MB. I then tried to refresh the "about:memory" tab, but it showed nothing (see attachment AboutMemory.JPG). I closed all tabs and waited for about 1 minute. The memory usage stayed at around 250 MB. The only tab that is currently opened is this one that I am using for bug report. Before I opened the deviantart tabs, the memory usage was around 90-100 MB.
The about:memory from comment is empty. Have you been using private browsing mode at that moment? (That is a known problem in FF6). Comment 8 is better, but there is nothing wrong. Can you post an about:memory shot when there is explicit memory of 1GB+?
Still, reports from FF6 are not very helpful today, about:memory design from FF7/8/9 has radically changed and would provide better information if there really is a problem.
I have FF 6.0.2 with Private Browsing, so maybe that's why about:memory only works when I open FF but not at any point afterwards.
I disabled Private Browsing (Tools->Options->Privacy->Remember History), I restarted FF and I navigated again to After opening about 300 pictures on and in the same tab, the memory usage went up to 1.2 GB. I closed all tabs keeping only the about:memory tab opened. I waited for 2+ minutes but the memory usage stayed the same. I took a screen capture (see attached AboutMemory_NonPrivate.JPG). I then pressed the Minimize Memory Usage button and took another screenshot (see attached AboutMemory_NonPrivate_AfterMinimizeMemoryUsage.JPG).
Any updates on this bug? Can anyone recreate it?
Severity: normal → major
I just bumped the severity of the bug. Is there any additional information that I need to provide? This bug is getting annoying. It's strange that noone else sees it.
Have you tried Firefox 7?  It fixes a number of issues with long-term memory usage.  It is releasing today.  See if that helps at all.  Other than that, it sounds like it could be related to image uses.  There's an existing bug around somewhere on problems we have with memory usage for images.
Whiteboard: [MemShrink]
In the screenshot there is the "negative amount" and "over 100% portion" problem (bug 664659), which is only fixed since Firefox 8. So you probably we probably still won't get better data until then. But I think this confirms the mem usage is due to images.

There are many bug reports about high memory usage with images, you can watch their progress, see the bugs dependent on bug 683284.
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Summary: Memory leaks. Sometimes mem usage gets to 1 GB+ with only one empty tab opened → Memory leaks. Sometimes mem usage gets to 1 GB+ with only one empty tab opened (after loading many images)
No longer depends on: image-suck
Comment on attachment 559922 [details]
about:memory in non Private Browsing mode after Minimize Memory Usage

This looks pretty normal to me.  Notice that javascript is using most of the memory here.  JS is known to use a lot of memory, particularly in older versions of FF.

(By the way, you can copy-paste the about:memory results.)
I'm removing the [MemShrink] tag because I don't think there's anything immediately actionable here.

We know that if you browse around and then close all tabs and click minimize memory usage, Firefox's memory usage doesn't go down to its initial state.  (This is bug 668809.), if you want a browser with improved memory usage, you might want to try the Aurora builds, which have many improvements.  See
Whiteboard: [MemShrink]
clau, which bug do you see this being a duplicate of?
bug 683284
bug 668809
Whiteboard: [closeme 2012-03-15]
Closed: 8 years ago
Keywords: footprint
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Whiteboard: [closeme 2012-03-15]
Duplicate of bug: image-suck
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