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add preference variables to control cycle collector graph dumping


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We're almost there right now, so we might as well make it easy as possible to do.  This could be a DEBUG-only option or not.  The code would be similar to the current DEBUG_CC-only option.  I'd call the CC option something like XPCOM_CC_DUMP_GRAPHS.
Needs to be unbitrotted for the PRBool->bool change, but that doesn't affect the patch proper.  I used "false" instead of "PR_FALSE" for this reason.  I can switch it back if that is better.

I made this DEBUG-only because it requires an additional call to PR_GetEnv during startup, when the cycle collector object is created.  Johnny said that could be slow.  I could instead defer this PR_GetEnv to the first cycle collection, but I think that would require checking every time we CC if we've done the GetEnv yet.  Which would just be a single bool check, but still...
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add debug-only env var to always dump CC graph

sfink suggested that this could be a preference, and in non-debug builds, and that sounds niftier, so I'll look into doing that instead.
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This is getting past the original goal for the bug, but I also want to dump the JS graph into the same file as the CC graph as Peter suggested.  There could be a pref for each.  Once that is available, I think it makes some amount of sense to not have WANT_ALL_TRACES as the default behavior for log dumping when there is a listener, because we can get the full JS heap anyways.

Johnny was also wondering what the performance impact of the CC dumping is, so I should look into that a bit, at least informally.  What is the cost of dumping the CC graph vs. WANT_ALL_TRACES vs. dumping the GC graph?
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jst pointed out that a preference would be good because then you could set it after startup, and that the danger of somebody accidentally leaving it on is not a huge one.
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Summary: add environment variable to enable always dumping cycle collector graphs → add preference variables to control cycle collector graph dumping
Looks like the cycle collector initializes before Preferences...
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