[TABLETUI] Add a way to reopen a tab in portrait mode



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1. Tap close on a tab
2. Menu stays open, and the previously open tab is replaced with a default favicon, "restore closed tab" message, and slightly highlighted reload button. 
3. If a user dismisses the menu, the restore message disappears
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Hardware: x86 → All
What happens if you remove another one while the "restore closed tab" is being shown?

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7 years ago
I'm not sure if they should each get their own "restore tab" message, or if the previous one should go away and we only show one "restore tab" at a time. 

Can we first try it where they each get their own message, and they only go away after you close the menu?
The "browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo" pref controls the number of closed tabs that we remember.  Currently it is set to 1 on mobile, but it was previously set to 5 with no bad effects.

If we increase this number again, then we could let each tab get its own "restore" message until the limit is exceeded.  After that, closing more tabs would remove the oldest one from memory and should remove its "restore" message too.
If we allow to remove and restore multiple tabs, I think the current "restore closed tab" message will work well because there will be no way to distinguish one removed tab from another...
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