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e10s add-on support for nsIFormSubmitObserver


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The form element validation code currently works by looking for nsIFormSubmitObservers registered with the observer service, and and lets them deal with displaying the UI for the form submission (a xul:panel anchored to the element in Firefox's case). We need to find some other way to implement that's e10s-friendly.
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Closed: 9 years ago
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Reopening this. My initial look into this centered on the browser's use of the 'invalidformsubmit' observer. However, I did some searches across the addon database and found that addons are using some of these events, specifically:

earlyformsubmit - about 25 uses
formsubmit - 0 uses
firstformsubmit - 0 uses
invalidformsubmit - 1 use
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
Assignee: nobody → jmathies

Looks like 'earlyformsubmit', 'firstformsubmit', and 'formsubmit' can be sent over via an e10s call and fired in the parent, they both carry a window pointer, action url string, and a cancel flag.

'invalidformsubmit' however carries with it a list of elements, not sure what to do about those.
Per a discussion in our weekly meeting, we plan to land the front end fix for the browser, and address addon usage of this api through the addon compat layer we're working on.
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Summary: e10s support for nsIFormSubmitObserver → e10s add-on support for nsIFormSubmitObserver
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addon compat, sounds like my department these days.
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No longer blocks: e10s-addons
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