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Issues with camera input on DroidX


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Firefox 10
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When I try to use camera input on my phone all I get is a black box.

I've been playing with a simple Android apps and find that I basically have to call setPreviewDisplay in order to receive any frames in the PreviewCallback. AFAICT, we never call it. The docs read like the camera should not work without calling setPreviewDisplay, so I'm either surprised that camera input works on any phones, or surprised that I have the one that actually follows the spec.
Requesting tracking-firefox9 because this is a bug in a new feature in Firefox 9 (camera support, bug 659188) that appears to make it unusable on some devices.  We'll want to fix this on Aurora if we can, or discuss turning off the feature for release.
Blocks: 659188
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What's the status here?
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I spent some time on Monday playing with this. Fabrice pointed me to some older patches of his which did attach a SurfaceView to the camera. I was receiving "Surface is NULL" (or something along those lines) messages in logcat.
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Fix by setting up a hidden SurfaceView for the camera preview. We use a 8x16 size since some phones don't like a 1x1 preview surface (
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Duplicate of this bug: 692667
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low risk patch that increases our device support for camera
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To clarify, we are asking for approval for Firefox 9 (currently on Aurora but migrating to beta on November 8).  This fixes a bug in the new camera feature in Firefox 9 that makes the camera unusable on some devices.  The patch is Android-only, and has been in the nightly channel for several weeks.  One regression was found in that time (bug 694795); we have a fix for it and are requesting approval for that fix too.
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Approving for Beta 9 to ensure camera input is working on correctly on all mobile devices.
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I verified this on the latest Beta using On Motorola Droid Pro the bug is reproducible. When I press capture on the test page a black box is displayed where the capture should be. Also the framing of the picture box is not correct - see the attached screenshot.
Tested this on some other devices and the issue is not reproducible for them.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Bug is also reproducible on Motorola Droid 2 (Android 2.3):
Build ID:
Mozilla/5.0(Android; Linux arm7l; rv:9.0) Gecko/20111116 Firefox/9.0 Fennec/9.0
Tracking '-' on Native we use the OS provided camera.
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Closing all opened bug in a graveyard component
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