RFE: Context Menu "Search Google for", Options as to where to open & focus; New Tab, New Window, Current Window, With focus or Without



7 years ago
7 years ago


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7 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Highlight a word on a page.
Select "Search Google for" [word].

Actual results:

Google searches for [word] {in a new page}.

Expected results:

The value of browser.search.opentabforcontextsearch should be able to be toggled, on the fly, by using a key-modifier.
[Appears that Firefox does not support that Preference?]
Users should be able to control where the search takes place.
Possibly also defining whether focus is given to the search.
SeaMonkey opens Search Google for, in a new window (by default).
Firefox opens Search Google for, in a new tab.

Currently we can select between those two methods by setting the referenced Preference.

RFE for a key-modifier to be able to toggle the meaning of the defined setting on the fly.

So if default, SeaMonkey default, is to open in a window, then holding down, say the Shift key, should toggle for that search alone, such that it opens in a tab instead.

Best scenario (enhanced RFE) would allow for multiple options:

> open in new window
> open in new tab
> open in current tab

> open with focus
> open without focus

Ctrl, Alt, Shift, could be used as modifiers.
[Appears that Alt cannot be used as a modifier?]

Bug 610595 - Right click search should open in a new window when tabbed browsing disabled


7 years ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
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