"Set as New Bookmark Folder" removed in SeaMonkey 2.1



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Actual results:

Option in SeaMonkey 2.0 and prior existed to designate a folder which all new bookmarks would be placed in.  This would be done by clicking "Set as New Bookmark Folder" on the folder.  In the revised Bookmark Manager of SeaMonkey 2.1 and later, this option has been removed, designating all new bookmarks into the Bookmark Menu.  Would like for this option to return.
There is a new folder with the same purpose as the formerly selectable "New Bookmark Folder". It's called "Unsorted Bookmarks". If you create a bookmark by clicking the bookmark icon at the far right end of the location bar, the bookmark is automatically created in that folder.

Most other ways to file bookmarks (like Bookmark This Page) do indeed file bookmarks directly under the Bookmarks root folder. If you think this should be changed, please file a new bug about exactly that.

This bug's focus however was on the ability to set a custom "New Bookmark Folder", which has been removed intentionally (unfortunately, Help is still referring to the pre-SM 2.1 state, but that's bug 557504). We won't bring that back.
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7 years ago
Appreciate the clarification.  Errantly assumed it was a feature that failed to be ported to the new bookmark system.  This was a key usability change for me.  Happy to see it is still supported.

Notice that "Unsorted Bookmarks" are listed under "Bookmarks" on the Personal Toolbar, but not under the "Bookmarks" in the File Bar (at least in SeaMonkey 2.5).  Would like for both these menus to offer the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder.

Personally, I think it would be preferable for all new bookmarks to default to "Unsorted Bookmarks", whether one clicks on the icon, types CRTL + D, or selects "File Bookmark...".  But will not file as a bug; that is something best left for internal debate.

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