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Adjust help for changes with places bookmarks landing


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Not set


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Once bug 498596 switches us to places bookmarks, we also should update help. There's potentially a few things to update there, from groupmarks via the bookmarks manager to the new things like livemarks and live titles (microsummaries).
Depends on: 573353
From Bug#582710 Comment#3:

> > cs_nav_prefs_navigator.xhtml:
> >   glossary.xhtml#live_bookmark
> Since this is commented out in the actual xhtml file,

Ever since KaiRo introduced it in bug 421084.

> I'm assuming it's no longer required/used?

Effectively it's a TODO. We have almost complete feed support nowadays but Live
Bookmarks are still missing since they depend on Places-based bookmarks. We
should just file a follow-up Help bug for this (if none exists yet) and make it
depend on Places-based bookmarks (bug 580660).
Duplicate of this bug: 584037
blocking-seamonkey2.1: --- → b1+
Keywords: helpwanted
Version: unspecified → Trunk
blocking-seamonkey2.1: b1+ → needed
Bug 659277 will remove microsummaries (live *) so there's no point in documenting that part anymore, but if there are pieces left after that bug will be fixed we should make sure to remove them here.

The rest (groupmarks, new Bookmarks Manager etc.) still applies and so does this bug.
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