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7 years ago
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0
Build ID: 20111104165243

Steps to reproduce:

Enabled small icons in the "Customize" toolbar menu.

Actual results:

The default blue glow is no longer visible when the user hovers the mouse over a button and has been replaced with a plain white background. Removing the checkmark to enable small icons reinstates the blue glow color. 

Expected results:

The default blue glow hover color should have remained in place regardless of the size of the icons as was the case in previous versions.

Comment 1

7 years ago
I too have encountered this problem.
It should be fixed.

If you didn't want the blue glow, and wanted the plain background, you had the option of hiding the nav bar, and moving all buttons to a user bar.

If you wanted white buttons, you had the option of utilizing stylish to fulfill your odd desires.

Please fix this bug and restore our buttons and blue glow.

Comment 2

7 years ago
Created attachment 573791 [details] [diff] [review]
Toolbar button corrections.

Place this Omni.jar into your *:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox folder. (extract omni.jar from omni.7z.001 & omni.7z.002)
I have restored the buttons and blue glow for buttons on the navbar.
If you want to remove the button padding and blue glow, simply create a new toolbar, and move everything from the navigate toolbar onto the new toolbar, and hide the navigate toolbar.

If you still want the white buttons, feel free to use this

Or if someone would like to code in the white buttons, feel free. However since it's already available in stylish...I see it as a redundant and pointless change unless it's going to become a toggle option.

Comment 3

7 years ago
Created attachment 573792 [details] [diff] [review]
Toolbar button corrections part 2 (combine with part 1)

Comment 4

7 years ago
Created attachment 573795 [details]
Multi part 7z of omni.jar with corrected buttons glitch

Okay my bad, I apparently didn't understand how that was supposed to work.
Attachment #573791 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #573792 - Attachment is obsolete: true

Comment 5

7 years ago
Created attachment 573798 [details]
Toolbar button corrections part 2 (combine with part 1)

Right click these two attachments, click save as, and then extract with 7-zip.

OR just download omni.jar here.

Comment 6

7 years ago
Hello. I don't really understand the aim of your patch. Does it cancel completely the effect of the patch from Bug 671553?

Is it possible to attach an image (jpeg or png) of the differences between FF7, FF8 and FF8+your patch, please?

Comment 7

7 years ago
Yes, it completely cancels the effect of the patch from Bug 671553.
The aim is to restore button padding and blue glow. Ideally there should be a toggle option to switch between black buttons and white buttons, however I'm not that good at coding.

The effects of that 671553 patch were, and are easily re-creatable in Firefox 7. If you move everything off of the nav bar onto any other bar, the buttons lose their padding. You can then hide the Nav bar.
There are also user styles for Stylish which will turn your buttons white for you (and now styles which will turn your buttons black since they're white in FF8).

There should have never been a change, as my patch restores intended behavior and full customizability.
Bug 671553 described intended behavior, as there's no problem seeing these buttons against a dark title bar or background.
This patch also effects the text only buttons.
Here's a recent Windows 7 screenshot of the difference.
If we look, we see Firefox 8 is actually much harder to see in comparison to Firefox 7.

Here's what my Windows XP Firefox looks like after the patch.

Comment 8

7 years ago
Okay, found one bug with my patch.
The new dotted line box for blank tabs and fav icons is reverted back to FF7 as well.

Should I bother updating the patch??
Is Mozilla going to use my patch????

I know people have been finding it useful over at the support forums.

Comment 9

7 years ago
I appreciate the patch, it works as expected for me. Thanks for your efforts.

Comment 10

7 years ago
Thanks for the tweaked omni.jar. It works as expected, but as already mentioned, it reverts everything, not just the toolbar button styles. Now we need to find the exact changes required to revert just this 'feature'.

Comment 11

7 years ago
Suggest changing platform to Windows or All.  This issue also occurs in Windows 7 and probably all other OSs.
This was a deliberate change.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Component: Toolbars → Theme
QA Contact: toolbars → theme
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

Comment 13

7 years ago
Yes, I think we're all aware at this point that it's a deliberate change.
However it's a very bad one that many users find extremely displeasing, not to mention the effect of current change was recreateable in FF7 without any need to file a bug.

To fix the FF8 buttons however, you can't just go change some setting or move something somewhere.
You have to actually get a patch, like the one I've posted, and change core components of Firefox.

That's not right.
I'm sorry you dislike it. You say "many users", but among a few hundred million users, these may actually be relatively few users. Unfortunately, it's impossible to cater for everyone. You may want to install a third-party theme that better fits your taste.

Comment 15

7 years ago
Why should I need to install a 3rd party theme, when the default theme already fits my tastes.

There's at least two threads about this at the Mozilla support forums, one about buttons being white, and one about them lacking padding/blue glow.

There's two bugs submitted here, and more threads at other sites like Stylish.

I've only started one of these things, and I've only participated in two threads and this bug.

The favicon issue is the same way. Everyone hates it.
When you remove a feature (when nothing was broken at all) without adding a feature at all, isn't it better to just create an option??

in this case, "Option: Remove button padding and glow" and "Option: Black Buttons or White Buttons" are the suited options.
Note that these were ALREADY options for users to use, just by dragging the nav bar items to a user created bar, and installing the white buttons stylish options.

There's no way to get the default Mozilla Firefox button padding or blue glow BACK in FF8 with these default buttons.
There are user styles to make the buttons black again, and there's even a user style to get similar button padding, but it still does not restore the blue glow, this is out of the capability of userstyles.

Just think logically about it, go from A, to B, to C, and there's no way to avoid the hard fact that Mozilla has just removed a feature with no way to get it back, and in return they've given us what we already had.

That's not good patching, and someone should have noticed this ahead of time.

Comment 16

7 years ago
Not to mention I'm actually putting in the work to fix this obvious bug instead of just complaining.

I could use a tutorial on how I'm actually supposed to submit patches though.
(In reply to PimpUigi from comment #15)
> [snip] restore the blue glow, this is out of the capability of userstyles.

This is not true. It's all CSS.

Comment 18

7 years ago
Somebody please change the status of this bug back from 'wontfix'. Our intention is revert a style that should NEVER have been changed in the first place.  What is the evidence to support that this 'intentional' change was warranted in the first place?

As I said in the bug #671553 (which was, amazingly, fast-tracked through with barely any discussion at all - it doesn't even have a proper description!!!), this doesn't just affect a few users - it also affects all themes and personas that make sensible assumptions about the default UI.  Thus, it makes the interface uglier and also breaks compatibility.  Please put forward your arguments that it was a needed change.

Comment 19

7 years ago
The reason bug 671553 is fast tracked with no discussion is because it's started by Dao, and he has bias, and the ability to create the patch to fix the change.

Hence, he created the bug, confirmed the bug, created the patch, closed the bug, "GGPO" > follow up on new bug reports that claim he broke the UI.

Comment 20

7 years ago
(In reply to PimpUigi from comment #19)

It might look that way from the bug history, but I sincerely hope it's not true. All changes should go through a proper peer review process.  Nobody is an expert on everything in the Firefox codebase.

Dão, I like the work you've done on the inverted buttons for Aero, but I've spent my entire evening trying to track down the specific change(s) that change the toolbar button appearance on the nav-bar.  Would you be able to help us change it back?
> Would you be able to help us change it back?

Not in here; bugzilla is not a discussion forum. Can you start and point me to a mozillazine thread on getting your userstyle to work?

Comment 22

7 years ago
Rob64 and I have been working on getting this right over in this thread.

He got the blue glow and button padding in, and I got the border shading and margins done (though not in current update).

We still need to get the button press effect in, so that you see the button depress or recede into the toolbar when you click on the button.
Neither of us know how to do that.

Comment 23

7 years ago
So are you going to help us Dao?

It turns out the creator of this userstyle is really the user of a theme, and it turns out many/most of the themes have been broken as a result of bug 671553.

So do I need to create another ticket about how you broke the use of user themes?
Or do I still have to listen to "you can get a theme" despite them being broken???

Comment 24

7 years ago
Anyway, if you could just help us complete the user style, that would satisfy me.

We can't seem to get the hover:active stuff to work right, and buttons+text doesn't work right either.
Bug 671553 didn't affect third-party themes.

I'll have a look at your code on

Comment 26

7 years ago
Thanks. I really can't figure it out.

Comment 27

7 years ago
If this is not a bug and merely the whim of the interface designer, then I'm sorry to say that it sucks IMHO. I know Mozilla is keen for us all to adopt whatever new Firefox style they happen to come up with, but when the result is downright ugly, then I think that the designers really have to rethink their intentions. 

The screenshot @ illustrates a number of different views of FF8 together with how FF7 used to appear. Removing the checkmark from "Use Small Icons" results in the back button becoming larger and encircled which kind of looks odd because all the other buttons are encased in squares. I think designers have to credit users with a bit of intelligence and recognize that most of them will know that the left facing arrow is the back button. That being the case, there's no need to encircle it in the way that it is. It makes it look odd compared with all the other buttons which, as already mentioned, are square. Keep it as the default theme if you have to, but don't force users to enable large icons in order to get the default blue glow and the button style back. And if they choose not to do so, give the whole toolbar a flat, bland looking appearance. Certain add-on logos are also lost as can be seen with the "Reminder Fox" icon (4th from the left). 

Interestingly enough as well is what happens when both icons and text are enabled for "Use Small Icons". The interface gets even uglier, becoming longer and thereby taking up even more space than was the case with FF7, yet the back button remains the same as the forward button. 

Speaking for myself, if it wasn't for the fact that FF8 fixes a number of security issues, I would have gone back to using FF7 without a second thought. I love Firefox and I'll support it in any way I can, but cosmetic changes of this particular type need to be undone as quickly as possible.

Comment 28

7 years ago
This user style fixes the issue.

However I still highly suggest Mozilla take a serious look at this bug.
It should be that we have black buttons with padding as its been throughout Firefox 4-7, and then if you move the buttons off of the nav bar to the title bar or an aero thing, or a dark persona, they lose their padding and turn white.

This is the solution that will make everyone happy...and if they want their buttons to be black without padding, there are userstyles for that, and won't actually be required because you broke something as it is now.

Comment 29

7 years ago
(In reply to PimpUigi from comment #28)
> 671553
> This user style fixes the issue.

Excellent job PimpUigi, worked a treat:

However, for anyone using buttons with both icons and text, your user style needs a bit of tweaking since the buttons are not deep enough to accommodate the data. You can see that in the lower of the two images in the screenshot I think.

Comment 30

7 years ago
Yes, I am aware of the buttons + text issue.
I have no idea how to fix it, but I can assure you it will be fixed eventually.

That is, as soon as someone like Dao can help me code that part of the style.

Comment 31

7 years ago
I have made another Stylish style that takes a different approach to the problem. Since Large Icons mode still gives buttons with borders, it makes sense to use this to our advantage, and just make the Back button smaller and restyle it.

This does not solve the original bug, but it does give better results than the other style, which appears to have vertical alignment problems.

Give it a try and let me know what you think:

Comment 32

7 years ago
Boffin, is this the style 
that's giving you vertical alignment issues?

Can you show me the issue so that I can try to fix it??

Comment 33

7 years ago
(In reply to PimpUigi from comment #32)

I posted a comment on your style.

Comment 34

7 years ago
I guess you commented on Rob64's style?? Mine has no comments.
Regardless, neither him nor I have been able to reproduce the double button that's needed to complete the style.

Das could probably help...but we haven't heard from him apart from this bug report saying he'd take a look at our code.
He's probably busy with the holidays etc.
We're patient though.
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