Firefox 9+ significantly slower at javascript matrix libraries. (type inference related?)




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8 years ago
Noticed that Firefox 7 on my local machine was significantly faster than Firefox 11 nightly at running:

Pattern held in Linux and Windows, 32 bit and 64 bit, Firefox 7 and 8 (fast) vs Firefox 9, 10 and 11 (slow)

Disabling TI did appear to slightly improve scores, but not as much as performance in older versions.

Given these matrix libraries are heavily used by most WebGL out there, it seemed worth filing a bug about.

Browser Library Multiplication  Translation Scaling Rotation (Arbitrary axis)   Rotation (X axis)   Transpose   Inverse Inverse 3x3 Vector Transformation   Average
FF7  closure 11.37   25.94   22.75   2.14    2.10    35.74   12.84   27.92   26.28   18.57
FF11 closure 6.90    14.08   9.10    1.74    1.73    24.51   5.74    13.26   20.87   10.88

FF7  TDLFast 10.24   24.27   29.46   2.01    2.28    30.98   10.17           15.63
FF11 TLDFast 6.44    8.40    30.06   1.71    2.29    29.76   4.86            11.93

... and so on.


8 years ago
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From IRC:

<bhackett> I looked at one of the tests being done there
<bhackett> I wish it was easier to isolate subpieces of that page for profiling
<bhackett> it was a matrix multiplication in the closure library
<bhackett> basically a fully unrolled loop accessing constant indexes of a typed array
<bhackett> I suspect the problem is bad codegen due to a lack of CSE
<bhackett> but need to confirm
<dmandelin> do you know why it got slower? did it used to trace?
<bhackett> yeah
<dmandelin> ah, ok
<dmandelin> ok, i'll post in that bug
<dmandelin> thanks
<bhackett> ok
<bhackett> I'm hoping to look some more at that later this week
<bhackett> have also been thinking about an easy fix, but the real solution will be to just push forward on IonMonkey
<dmandelin> ok, i'll leave it on tracking status for now, in case you get the easy fix
<bhackett> the easy fix may be worth it if this unrolled-constant-index pattern is pervasive in the regressing bits of the page
<dmandelin> ok

So, this used to trace before TI, and it benefited from the tracer's CSE, which isn't present in JM or JM+TI. IM will have that optimization, so long-term, this should only get better. Thanks for the test cases and report--this should help us.

For now, Brian may have an easy fix, but otherwise, in the absence of specific programs that stop working because of the regression, this isn't urgent.

Comment 2

8 years ago
Hm. All you need are specific programs that use any of these javascript matrix libraries? :)

Ok, I shall embark on a project of testing before/after in all the demos on planet webgl tomorrow.

These libs are all used after all.

Unless your suspicion is that the actual uses aren't as intensive, which seems a little unlikely.
(In reply to nemo from comment #2)
> Hm. All you need are specific programs that use any of these javascript
> matrix libraries? :)

We'll want to optimize these someday. That's why they're linked to JaegerWebSpeed and infer-perf-regress. To be a high priority right now, we'd need examples where the user experience is significantly expected. If it's measurably slower, but good enough to run the app, then it's good enough for now.
Does this need to be tracked any longer?
Depends on: 719541

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7 years ago
Since someone just subscribed to this bug, I figured I'd rerun it in FF19 (Ion) and FF16 (no Ion) aaand FF7 (trace) as in initial report.
Closure (FF7 was best w/ this lib)
        mult    trans   scale   rot     rotX    trans   inv     inv3x3  vectr   Average
FF7     11.42   26.21   22.65   2.17    2.18    36.34   13.22   28.22   26.35   18.75
FF16    7.03    14.87   9.23    1.63    1.74    26.77   5.83    13.16   21.60   11.32
FF19    12.53   20.54   14.90   2.09    2.07    40.19   15.87   24.82   32.13   18.35

TDLFast (FF19 was best at this, FF16 sucked least at this)
        mult    trans   scale   rot     rotX    trans   inv     inv3x3  vectr   Average
FF7     10.35   24.42   29.43   2.14    2.40    29.92   10.39                   15.58
FF16    6.41    7.75    31.56   1.73    2.27    30.64   5.03                    12.20
FF19    14.29   9.63    65.77   1.78    58.46   76.18   11.12                   33.89

While FF19 is still quite a bit slower at some individual operations  (FF7 2.5x faster at TDLFast transpose, 1.5x faster at Closure scale)  FF19 is now doing rather well, so I imagine unless you guys feel like filing IonSpeed bugs for those specific operations, the overall complaint about significant slowdowns after removal of tracing doesn't apply any more and I guess this should be closed?
Filing individual bugs on the things that are still slow, blocking this one, seems like a great idea.

Bonus points for reduced testcases showing the slowdown....
I just did some comparisons with the competition, with the results screenshot'd and attached.

The results are pretty interesting: overall, we trounce Chromium and Safari here, nice. Except for Inverse and Inverse 3x3 (where the top results are close), we also win every single benchmark, when only comparing the top results across frameworks.

After that, it gets a bit more complicated, with results all over the map.

For example, at TLDMath's Vector Transformation, we're the slowest, with Chromium more than 6x as fast.

Having said all this, I don't actually think that we have that much to gain from tracking this, given that the test cases are hard to reduce and that there's nothing much wrong to begin with.
Thus, closing.
Closed: 6 years ago
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Wait.  Why is being 6x slower on the non-microbenchmark not a problem?
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Mmh, I guess you're right - we should at least make an attempt to look into the bad outliers. Will do that now.

First guess: they create lots of objects using `new Klass()` (
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