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tooltip is not shown if stopPropagation() of mousemove event is called


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Not set





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I have no idea for writing tests of tooltip...
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The test could be a chrome test using event listener popupshowing
or some such event.
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>-        evtTarget = do_QueryInterface(doc);
>-        evtTarget->AddEventListener(NS_LITERAL_STRING("DOMMouseScroll"), 
>+        // Probably, we should listen to untrusted events for hiding tooltips
>+        // on content since tooltips might disturb something of web
>+        // applications.  If we don't specify the aWantsUntrusted of
>+        // AddSystemEventListener(), the event taget set it to TRUE if the
>+        // target is in content.

Not sure about this, but 'taget' should be 'target'.
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Hmm, I cannot make the new test. Looks like that tooltip's showing event is fired on the XUL document which has the showing tooltip. I don't know if this is an intentional behavior. I think, at least for tests, we should be able to know the tooltip state from tests. I'll file a bug for it.
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Okay, I succeeded to write the test.
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Make sure to push this to try before landing.
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Depends on: 706743
Depends on: 728541
Depends on: 1206726
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