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(Abusing bugzilla components -- filing this in about:memory until we decide what should be on the page; then we can move it to the webdev component.)

We talked in memshrink today about making a proper page.  We decided that it was important that this site have graphs.  Graphs of what is as of yet unclear.

We'll surely want to include graphs from Talos.  We may want to include membuster data.  And I think it would be cool (though perhaps not practical) to include telemetry data from nightly and aurora.  It may not be as noisy as one might expect, and it would get the larger community excited about Aurora and Telemetry.
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Bug 668809 could be good fodder for this -- we could measure memory usage on start-up, then load a bunch of pages in separate tabs, then close them all, force GC/CC, and remeasure.  We could plot both the measurements.

We could also have a more detailed view that breaks things down by category (js/dom/layout/storage/etc), before and after.

To begin with, it would be fine if this was run manually, say once a day or so.  As for what sites we open, we could use or a cut-down version of it.
It would also be nice to have a 'during' graph showing memory usage while all those pages are open, perhaps with a per-page breakdown like AWFY has for the tests in the various benchmarks.
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John, have you made any progress on this?
I have a test framework setup to checkout/build arbitrary commits or past nightly builds, and a page load benchmark based on the talos pageset. I'm working on making the mozmill script that controls it work on older builds, as it's barfing on anything <7.0 right now. Once it's up and running I can start adding more metrics and running the test on nightlies going back to 4.0. I'll post links here once I have something worth looking at.
Great.  If getting it working with <7.0 is blocking you, I'd say don't worry about that for now, it can be added later or not added at all.  Thanks for the update.
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Woohoo! :)
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