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Fire STATE_IS_NETWORK notifications with print status so that the download manager can track "Save as PDF" prints


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From bug 701797 comment 9:

In order to use the download manager to track printing status, we need to fire STATE_IS_NETWORK notifications, since that's what the download manager expects. I'm not sure if this fix is hacky or not, but it doesn't look like it will cause any trouble.
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(Note: I'm planning on closing bug 701797 and obsoleting the version of the patch in there, but thanks to bug 704699 I can't do that yet!)
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Looking at how docloader does this:

1)  The STATE_STOP for STATE_IS_DOCUMENT comes before STATE_IS_NETWORK.  I believe the API actually requires this.

2)  The STATE_START for STATE_IS_NETWORK comes at the same time as STATE_IS_DOCUMENT.  That is, there is a single call with STATE_START|STATE_IS_DOCUMENT|STATE_IS_NETWORK as the flags.

We definitely need to do #1, and I think it's a good idea to do #2 as well.
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I also saw that the STATE_START wasn't being fired anyway because of a check in DoOnProgressChange. I decided to remove that check, since the only caller of DoOnProgressChange that passes 0 for aProgress is the call in OnStartPrinting, and we don't actually want that one to be ignored. (I also fixed a s/progess/progress/ typo.)
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I filed bug 705699 to don't clutter this one and to make it easier for people to find it in queries.
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patch v2

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I backed out and relanded this, since the original push had some additional unicode char in the commit message, and that confused buildbot sendchange
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