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Remove additional Java Consoles




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(Reporter: fligtar, Assigned: rstrong)


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6 years ago
In bug 654131, we removed a number of Java Consoles in use at the time, but several more have been added since then accounting for tens of millions of users. We should update the list again.


I'd like this to land on Beta or at least Aurora -- it's very low risk and will help clean up this mess without waiting months.
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patch rev1

Looks good, verified it matches up to each of the IDs in the original post a and the NSIS logic lib code looks good in PostUpdate.
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fligtar, if you still want this on other branches please nominate and include the justification for product drivers. Thanks!

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6 years ago
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This patch removes additional Java Consoles that have surfaced since our original removal of Java Consoles a few months ago in Firefox 8. These versions account for tens of millions of users and can cause users to see incompatibility dialogs when upgrading. This is a low risk patch that just adds additional GUIDs to the list of removals on upgrade. Would like it to land sooner than Firefox 11.
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Specifically, the add-on compatibility dialog after upgrading since we don't report incompatible extensions located in the installation directory's extensions directory.

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6 years ago
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We're using a known mechanism to remove Java Consoles, so unless the GUIDs are incorrect for some reason, this is very low risk. Approving for aurora and beta. Please land asap.
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6 years ago
Please land ASAP to make it into today's beta.
Pushed to mozilla-aurora

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Target Milestone: Firefox 11 → Firefox 9
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Do we know what versions of Java SE installs these consoles so QA can verify the fix?
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6 years ago
(In reply to Anthony Hughes, Mozilla QA (irc: ashughes) from comment #11)
> Do we know what versions of Java SE installs these consoles so QA can verify
> the fix?

I don't know the specific Java version numbers tied with installation; it's probably a good bet that these come with the most recent ones, as they'll usually get a couple users for a few weeks and then surge to become the most-used version all of the sudden.
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