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Need automated Off-main-thread composition test harness


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We need to work with the automation team to build some test harness for OMTC. This work can happen in parallel to the OMTC work.

We need to be able to 'fuzz' the gfx api usage to check for threading races.
Component: Graphics → New Frameworks
Product: Core → Testing
QA Contact: thebes → new-frameworks
Since there's no shared state between the threads, the races are very coarse-grained and relatively obvious (at the level of IPC messages).  Can you be more specific about what you want here?
I'm also not clear about how you intend to "fuzz" the graphics API by doing any kind of user action automation.  That sounds like two different tools to me.  Can you be more clear about that as well (in addition to the question in comment 1)?
Priority: -- → P4
No longer blocks: omtc
Blocks: omtc
Component: New Frameworks → General
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