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measure plugin shutdown with telemetry


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While discussing bug 662444, Vlad suggested that plugins might be a contributor to slow shutdowns.  We should record times for said shutdowns and--even better--correlate them with which plugins are taking that time, to identify problematic cases.
From the hang detector, plugins seem like a fairly common source of hangs, so it would be good to be able to measure that.
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Nathan, if you think this a P1 please take care of this. If not, please de-assign and change to [Snappy]
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Here's a patch that *looks* like it ought to DTRT, but I am very unfamiliar with this code.  Is this the right place to be looking, or are there other nooks and crannies to instrument due to OOPP?

Also, is this shutdown code going to be called, say, when you close a tab that's using Flash?  Or does the shutdown code only get called when all references to the plugin go away, i.e. when the browser closes?
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I'm not familiar with plugin code, but Josh should be able to help.
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I can help here but I want to wait for bug 90268 to land. Not a strict dependency, but it changes a lot of plugin code so it'll likely impact this, and I need to give it priority. Sorry for the review delay.
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Bug 90268 has landed (and stuck), we're ready for this now. Patch doesn't apply any more though.

Wouldn't this patch give a bad measurement if "PluginDestructionGuard::DelayDestroy" is true? You'd be measuring the time it takes us to decide to delay.
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OK, if we don't want to measure time spent determining whether we're not or already shutting down, how about this patch instead?
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I assume I was mistaken for Mr. Aas.
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Nit: updating to proper reviewer.  Carrying over r+.
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