Put dump() calls in debugger code behind a pref

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There are quite a few dump() calls in the debugger code currently. When we are past the initial development phase and approaching turning it on, we should get rid of them.
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The removal deadline as per bug 697762 comment 53 is before the debugger migrates to aurora.
I'll get to this next week.
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In conversation about this today, Panos asked if he could put the dump()s behind a pref as the protocol is still changing and this is useful debugging information for us to have. The debugger is still preffed off by default, so I suggested just leaving them in rather than writing a patch for the sole purpose of hiding these debug statements.

Mossop: Do you think it's reasonable to just leave these in while we finish this feature up? I'd prefer it, though could understand objections to leaving them in a release product.

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6 years ago
How hard would it be to put the dumps behind a separate pref?  Most go through a separate dumpn call already, we could update the rest to go through a special dump that checks a pref.

We could consider leaving that pref turned on by default until we turn the debugger on by default.

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6 years ago
(disclaimer: chatty debugger has been causing me trouble while working on the developer toolbar)
yeah, if it's annoying, then we can certainly hide it. Thanks!
I'm fine with the dumping not requiring a pref as long as the debugger defaults to off, but if you're going to want to leave it in then you might as well stick it behind a pref now anyway
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Working patch

This should do it.
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Working patch

looks fine.
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Summary: Remove the dump() calls from debugger code → Put dump() calls in debugger code behind a pref
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"Unit test bustage fix from bug 709088 - include devtools.debugger.log preference."

SeaMonkey: (at least)
is affected too.


Why is this preference added at application level only when its (2) consumer is in Toolkit?
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6 years ago
This is being addressed in bug 734314.
Depends on: 734314
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