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Addons Manager tests should have AMO-related prefs reset after each test to disallow network access


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We've had a few cases where a test doesn't correctly reset all AMO-related prefs, and therefore subsequent tests end up hitting the network, which is not only a bad idea, but it can lead to test failures. eg:

The head.js file should just reset these each time.
Yes, please. Our tests should be runnable without internet access. And they should continue to work if AMO goes down temporarily, or changes location permanently.

We're planning on shutting off outside network access to the build and test machines in the near future, to help enforce things like this.
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Removed two more tests which depended on the test directory removed in comment 9 and 10.
(In reply to Ehsan Akhgari [:ehsan] from comment #11)
> Removed two more tests which depended on the test directory removed in
> comment 9 and 10.
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Most of the prefs are already reset correctly, caching isn't though
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New and improved!

And yes, the stuff in head.js is being paranoid on purpose.
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And I couldn't finds anything in the xpinstall tests that actually set any relevant prefs, so AFAIK they're fine.
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Lets fix this on Aurora too :) No change to any code we ship, just test-related fixed.
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This may or may not have caused an android test orange (bug 710956), which showed up on this push, but no one knows why/how.
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Patch v2

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Stop the insanity :)! Approved for Aurora.
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Merged in the followup fix to the mobile browser_addons.js test too, to avoid that going orange.
Marking qa- as I don't think this is something QA needs to verify. Please mark qa+ if this is not the case.
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