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Downloading is broken


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Mac System 9.x
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(Keywords: regression)

Using 2001-03-07-08 mac mozilla build, click on the "Mac" build link at the top
of mozillazine (today has links to March 6 builds). When the save/use app dialog
comes up, notice how "OK" and "Cancel" buttons don't have text (minor issue).
Once you click OK, the dialog claims 9 secs have elapsed, and the progress meter
is empty. It appears like nothing is happening, i.e. the progress dialog never
updates. On the desktop, the file is about ~2.7MB in size. After a little bit of
time, the dialog goes away, but you still have an imcomplete download. Nice,
very nice.
Adding regression and dogfood keywords. Note, I used the installer bits if that
makes a difference. Mozilla 0.8 bits, 2001021502, downloading works.
This is partly described in bug 71178.  I am also se3eing intermittanf failure
to download on mac (along with the UI problems noted in bug 71178).  I can
usually get the download to complete the second attmept.  Addign a few folks who
might be able to help.

Additional information:
This happend with HTTP downloads as well (so doed 71178 for me).  
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Click link to start download
2. With "Open Using |Stuffit Expander| radio button selected hit the "OK" button.

Download starts but does not complete, stuffit is never called to unpack the
download since it never finished.  

One other daya point. I seem to have better results if I let it do most of the
download in thge background before hitting OK on the dialog.  If I wait for five
or 6 seconds before hitting OK I almost never see the failure but if I hit OK
quickly I often see the failure.

Intermittent download failure is known (bug 53429) and may be related to bug 
*** Bug 72201 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Is this still happening in a current build?  Looks like most of the bugs
referenced here have been fixed, so maybe this problem went away (what's the
emoticon for crossed fingers? :-)
I am no longer seeing download failures on Mac.  I tried a handfull of different
file types and sizes with the 03/27 builds and did not see any failures.  

pchen, are you still having problems here? any one else?
roughly every 1 out of 6 download attempts [at least on the mac --need to check
on other platforms] fails for me with this result: the Saving File [download
progress] dialog appears to have completed, but the file in the target directory
is incomplete [eg, only 1.2M of the 11.9M MacMozillaFullInstaller is there]. is
that the same as this bug? [was using 2001.03.29.08 comm bits]
i see this as well.
Keywords: nsbeta1
see also bug 85514, where the download progress dialog fails in the middle of
downloading --the progress meter just stops and sits there and sits and sits...
looks like simon has a potential fix there, too.
think this is fixed. any other oppinions?
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