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wip patch

Here's a patch to Gecko that seems to work under gonk. There's still some unexplained business on my phone where I'm not sure why wifi seemed to magically start working. I'm going to see if this works on other phones and if not, I'll debug further.
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6 years ago
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wip patch

With this patch we connect to a hardcoded network and properly bring up dhcp and dns. There's pretty clearly a bunch of refactoring/cleaning up to do, but this actually appears to work.
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6 years ago
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wip patch

Review of attachment 584443 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks very nice. Lets land this and we can work on the high-level wifi control next (look for configured available networks, associated in order, see if we have a connection, if not move to the next, keep pinging network to make sure its available, if not reconfigure, etc). We should file a bug for that. We also need a DOM API for editing networks and wifi on/off (bug for that too?).

::: dom/system/b2g/RadioManager.cpp
@@ +253,5 @@
>    NS_ASSERTION(NS_IsMainThread(), "Wrong thread!");
>    StopRil();
>    mTelephone = nsnull;
> +  mWifi = nsnull;

RadioManager isn't the best name for this class any more. We should rename it down the road.
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6 years ago
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wip patch

Bug 711671 covers the renaming you talked about.
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Where's the followup work for this being tracked?  Part of the "network manager", bug 713199 and bug 697355, or something else?
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