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Mouse click + drag causing Tilt to Translate instead of Rotate on First Open


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1. Open Tilt on a page.
2. Click with mouse (trackpad) and drag around

Expected results:

Page is rotated.


Sometimes the page translates instead of rotates.

Not sure why this is happening but it seems to only happen the first time Tilt is opened. Subsequent drag events work as expected.
Whiteboard: [tilt]
I really can't reproduce this :(
I may have found a reason for this: Tilt is opened using Ctr+W (or Ctr+M before bug 711966). Ctrl+Click changes left click to right click. Right click + drag = translate, while left click + drag = rotate.

So whenever you do Ctrl+Click + drag you get translation. Is this the problem?
Hm! Maybe. It usually happens after I've opened Tilt and start dragging. There could be something to the right-click to translate function. All I know is that it's confusing when it happens. I'll watch my fingers the next time I see it.
I could disable all events for a split second when you open Tilt. This would allow the initial animation to finish (and also even avoid any of that weird znear/zfar clipping if you have fast fingers). How about that?
Can we do this and increase the speed of the intro animation? We want the UI to be responsive within 50ms.
It's a plan.
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did you want review on this patch? No request present and it's a blocker for bug 718973.
(In reply to Rob Campbell [:rc] (robcee) from comment #8)
> did you want review on this patch? No request present and it's a blocker for
> bug 718973.

Yes please :)
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