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This bug tracks the MPL 2 upgrade for the project named in the subject line.
The repos are here:

(Popping this here so my comments don't get lost in scrollback)

Gerv, the latest m-c try run looks much better, just the B2G and Android failures left (the rest I've starred since it's all known intermittents):

I'd guess the android issue looks like a problem with 

For the B2G failure there's an error further back in the log that looks like the root cause: 
"ERROR - failed to load manifest file at 'b2g/config/tooltool-manifests/releng.manifest'"

So I'm presuming it doesn't like
For people coming here from the tree closed status message:

The latest MPL2 update script has been run against m-c tip by gerv and pushed to try. Once that greens up, we'll push to m-c, merge to inbound and fx-team, wait for a bit of green and then re-open :-)
First try run today:

The orange M2 was due to bug 751842 landing a few hours after the last all-green MPL2 try run. Gerv excluded dom/imptests/* and pushed again, looking good so far:
We are doing comm-central separately; see bug 757018. This bug should be used to track m-c only.

Summary: MPL 2 upgrade: mozilla-central and comm-central → MPL 2 upgrade: mozilla-central
All done here :-)

mozilla-central has been merged to inbound and fx-team, all is green & trees were reopened at ~1300 UTC+1. Any files added over the coming days/weeks that have the old header can be dealt with as dependants of bug 715549.

From Gerv's blog post:
> 15541 files changed, 48359 insertions(+), 494914 deletions(-) 

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