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Get rid of extra onLoad during cached calendar sync


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This might reduce the flickering a bit during cached calendar operations.

Before, the offline items were played back and then an onLoad event was fired on completion. During async operations inbetween, the playbackAddedItems function returns, causing emptyQueue to end the internal sync state, which again fires an onLoad due to how the synchronize() function is called.

This change postpones the emptyQueue call (which will also fire an onLoad) to after the offline items were reconciled and drops the extra onLoad.

Mohit, was there any specific reason you called emptyQueue before reconciliation ends? Do you think this patch will work out without side effects?
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Fix - v1

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Yup looks good! 

I can't remember why I did that, but I think I had adapted the code from the old completelistener which might have had the emptyQueue.
I tested it out and i can add/modify/delete as well as handle recurrences in the offline/online mode.

And yes the flicker is gone :)
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