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Need to update Windows build slave image to include DirectShow SDK examples


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Windows 7


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(copy from another bug on checking the licensing - we expect that not to be a problem; Legal is checking).  Note that this blocks progress on landing this to enable the "taking-a-picture" feature.

We're using the WebRTC libraries (, which are primarily written by Google for multimedia work. On Windows, these libraries build some source files that ship with the Microsoft Windows SDK, the "DirectShow Base Classes":

These samples ship as part of the Windows SDK:
The Windows SDK that's currently installed on our build slaves did not have the samples installed. We'll probably need to re-run the installer to install the samples.
We actually never ran the installer, we extracted the required files/dirs manually.

Shouldn't be too hard to add this in, if its legally ok.
Ah, thanks for the info. If the installer wasn't run, does that mean the registry entries it creates aren't present? That's going to cause additional problems.
Looks like we did do at least some of the registry entries:

I'll try to find an owner for this bug.
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Whiteboard: [opsi][buildslaves]
from mtg w/randell, maire;

1) ted: are all the registry entries in comment#4 enough, or do we need additional registry entries?

2) RelEng will pull a machine from production, and lend it to Randell. He'll manually copy on the example code needed (not using the installer!), and verify that webRTC code builds as hoped. 

Assuming all that works ok, and bug#717008 is fixed, then we can schedule deployment onto production systems.
It doesn't look like the script in comment 4 covers the registry entry we need. The key we need is the one this Python script reads:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\WinSDKSamples
bug 717008 has been WONTFIXed in favor of an alternate implementation (bug 731407), so this has become WONTFIX as well.
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