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the message shown when the SD card is locked is hard to understand


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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to download a file while my phone was connected to my PC in mass storage mode. Firefox couldn't save the file.

Actual results:

The following message was shown:
Downloading /mnt/sdcare/Do...

/mnd/sdcard/Download/yLOTfGo8.apk.part could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder.

Changed the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location.

What this actually means is that the browser cannot write to the SD card while the phone is connected to the PC. It's very hard to understand it:

* The file name "/mnt/sdcard/Download/yLOTfGo8.apk.part" looks like complete gibberish to most people. It is a temporary file in a Unix-style directory and it has very little to do with the file that the person is trying to download.
* Most people wouldn't know how to change the folder properties (actually, i don't really know how to do it myself), and it probably wouldn't help anyway.
* Most people wouldn't have any idea about saving in a different location. The browser doesn't ask where to save the file. This is something that can be changed deep in the settings.

Expected results:

The simple way to get the file to be downloaded is to disconnect the phone from the PC. The message should just say something like that instead of showing a gibberish temporary file name.

Compare this to the message from the phone's built-in browser:
SD card unavailable

The SD card is busy. To allow downloads, select "Turn off USB storage" in the notification.

This is not perfect and would seem quite cryptic to a lot of people, but it is relatively more helpful, because it emphasizes that the problem has something to do with the SD card.
Confirmed on Aurora 12.0a2. Make sure you have Aurora not on the SD card before you test, otherwise it won't work at all! Good files to try downloads with are PDFs (google for "PDF").

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Wonders if this is still an issue? I can't reproduce on GS3 w/JB 4.1.1 connected to WIN7 via MTP. Do I understand this correctly?
Bug 742804 likely changed the message. I expect we now display "No SD card.\n\nAn SD card is required to download <filename>".
Yah I spotted that, but does the error still occur? I can't reproduce it in either case.

If the new (as mentioned above) message is sufficient, then maybe just close this bug?
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