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visually denote new tabs that haven't been visited yet


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Firefox 12
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(Keywords: polish, uiwanted, Whiteboard: tabs-ux)

When a user opens a new tab (or tabs) in the background, and then eventually goes to the tab menu, we should use a badge on the thumbnail or some other visual indicator to show which of the open tabs the user hasn't yet looked at.

The value here is that the thumbnail approach to tab listing relies on familiarity with the look of a site when you go looking for the one you want. When you've never seen the page you're looking for (as with tabs open in the background) an additional visual cue can be very useful -- i.e. "oh, there's the new one I haven't looked at yet." This is even more valuable given that we currently don't show a site thumbnail at all for tabs open in the background.
OS: Mac OS X → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM
tracking-fennec: --- → 12+
Priority: -- → P3
tracking-fennec: 12+ → ?
no specification, renom if UX wants to do this
Assignee: nobody → ibarlow
tracking-fennec: ? → -
Blocks: 817675
Assignee: ibarlow → nobody
Cleaning up a bit. 

This still seems applicable and might be something valuable/worth exploring.

Consolidating these and moving this to block the updated (tabs tray) bug 1194281.
Blocks: tabs-tray-v3
No longer blocks: 817675
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