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getSelection() should exist on XMLDocument


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DOM4 defines XMLDocument as extending Document:

The editing spec defines getSelection as an operation on the Document interface (scroll up slightly for the IDL):

(In fact, HTML now requires that window.HTMLDocument === window.Document:

So one implication of all this is that "getSelection" in XMLDocument.prototype should be true, but in Firefox 12.0a1 (2012-01-12) it's not:

data:text/html,<!doctype html>
<script>alert("getSelection" in XMLDocument.prototype)</script>

This alerts false in Firefox 12.0a1 and Opera Next 12.00 alpha, and true in Chrome 17 dev.  In IE9 it throws, because window.XMLDocument is undefined.  The specs agree with WebKit.  This causes a test failure in the Selection conformance tests, test name "XML document with no browsing context", "assert_true: XML document must have getSelection() expected true got false":
Depends on: 512688
All that needs to happen is to move getSelection from HTMLDocument to Document in our IDL, right?
Sounds likely.  Per current HTML, there should actually be no HTMLDocument interface -- window.HTMLDocument should just be an alias of window.Document.
No longer depends on: 512688
Depends on: 897815
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Bug 718711 - getSelection() should exist for XML documents;

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Bug 718711 - getSelection() should exist for XML documents;

::: dom/base/nsDocument.cpp:13536
(Diff revision 1)
>  }
> +
> +Selection*
> +nsIDocument::GetSelection(ErrorResult& aRv)
> +{
> +  nsCOMPtr<nsPIDOMWindowInner> window = do_QueryInterface(GetScopeObject());

getSelection should return null when document isn't associated with a browsing context, but you seem always return selection if there just is scope object.
Since you only moved this code, I guess it is ok. But could you file a follow to make
document.implementation.createHTMLDocument().getSelection(); to return null.

Or feel free to fix the issue in this bug too.
Instead of using GetScopeObject() GetInnerWindow() would be more correct.
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Bug 718711 - Don't return selections for documents that don't have them;
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getSelection() should exist for XML documents; r=smaug
Don't return selections for documents that don't have them; r=smaug
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I've added a note to the Fx57 rel notes covering this:

(No docs updates are needed, as getSelection was already put on the Document (and Window) interface as per the spec)
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