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[kitsune] Handy dandy "Show for..." button produces useless {for} syntax because of wrong UI (article editor toolbar)


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #720243 +++


1 Write KB article with some information that applies only to a *limited subset of multiple versions* of the product, e.g. Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts documentation (1).
2 For example, you want to write markup to document changes of TB keyboard shortcut for Quick Filter:
TB 3.1 to TB 7: Ctrl+F
from TB 8 onwards: Ctrl+Shift+K
3 in article editor, type and highlight "Ctrl+F" text
4 Use "Show for..." button on article editor's toolbar to produce {for} syntax to tell the versions apart
5 From the "Show for..." dialogue, check multiple (subsequent or disjunct) product versions which apply to selected text in editor, e.g.
TB 3.1, TB 5, TB 6, and TB 7

Actual Result
- STR 5 will produce the following markup:
{for tb6,tb5,tb7,tb31}Ctrl+F{/for}
- The UI of the dialogue is completely misleading and insufficient:
- In spite of checking only *some* of the versions (checkboxes), selected article text ("Ctrl+F") will wrongly show for *all* versions of the product, i.e. checking multiple versions creates disfunctional {for} selector markup
- the resulting markup does not even put versions in the correct order

Expected Result

Minimal bandaid fix (no solution for STR):
- convert version checkboxes into radio buttons and change the caption:
"Show for this version (and above):"
- hence the UI will at least match the current output, and produce valid output only, while avoiding confusion
{for =tb31}Ctrl+F{/for}

Required fix (to solve STR):
- New dialogue UI with a] and b]

a] ( ) Show for this version and above: [Choose version|v]

b] ( ) Show for one or more specific versions:
       (Hold Ctrl to select multiple versions)
                | TB 3.1 |^|
                | TB 5   |#|
                | TB 6   |v|
                | TB 7   | |

Alternatively, b] can also be realized with a series of check boxes as we have them now, but it's less scalable and not very nice UI.

Explanation of UI and behaviour:

- a] and b] are radio buttons
- The dropdown in a] has a list of all version numbers, where you can select only one.
- Choosing from the dropdown in a] will select radio button for a] and deselect anything in the multiple choice list box of b]
- Choosing anything from the multiple choice box of b] will select radio button for b] and deselect currently selected version in the dropdown of a]

- Resulting markup

a] {for TBx}{/for}
   (where x is the version number selected from the dropdown)

b] currently, ctrl-selecting versions from TB 5 to TB 7 (as in STR 5) needs
   to produce the following markup:
   {for =tb31,=tb5,=tb6,=tb7}{/for}

   Ideally, we should fix Bug 720243 first and then produce the following,
   simplified markup:
   {for tb31-tb7}{/for}

More reasons why the new UI is needed:

With rapid release cycle and up to almost 9 release versions per year, we will most likely have more and more cases where some information only applies to a limited subset of *multiple subsequent versions*, while it may no longer apply to the most recent version(s). We need to enable producing such markup with the "Show for..." tool.

Depends on: 886699
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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