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[Meta] [SuMoMo] Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts *Documentation* Tracker Bug


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(Depends on 4 open bugs)


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #713979 +++
In reply to Bug 713979 Comment 0:
> We might want a separate meta bug for tracking the actual editing of
> Keyboard Shortcuts Documentation pages (i.e. corrections and improvments).
Here it is:

This meta bug is to keep track of bugs that relate to updating or improving the *documentation* of current/forthcoming keyboard shortcuts in Thunderbird. Please add any of the following to the "Depends on" field of this bug:

* bugs that actually/directly require or propose changes to:
- Release Notes mentioning keyboard shortcuts
- any other documentation of Thunderbird Keyboard shortcuts
* bugs that otherwise seek to improve the production, content, structure, design etc. of such documentation

* This bug is *only* about *documentation* of shortcuts that actually made it into the product or are certain to do so.
* For a wider list of bugs that are about *keyboard shortcuts* in general (proposed modifications of shortcuts, proposed new shortcuts, implementation of shortcuts, conflicting, missing, broken shortcuts), see
Bug 713979 (Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts Tracker). 

So there might be intersections between the dependants of this bug and bug 713979, but this bug here has a different and much more limited focus on *documentation* of existing/forthcoming keyboard shortcuts.

This bug intends to be a central point of reference required for keeping any type of Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts Documentation up to date, or otherwise improving the production, content, structure, design etc. of such documentation.
Alias: tbkbd-doc-tracker
Depends on: 686436
Depends on: 619735
Depends on: 672475
@everyone: Please add potentially interested / knowledgeable / involved parties to the CC list of this bug.
Depends on: 714036
Depends on: 714040
Depends on: 714041
Depends on: 677365
Depends on: 701042
Depends on: 714065
Depends on: 553387
No longer blocks: tb-keyboard-tracker
Depends on: 373732
Depends on: 716093
Depends on: 716098
Depends on: 716101
Depends on: 250415
Depends on: 716214
Depends on: 716217
Depends on: 716222
Depends on: 452634
Depends on: 716254
Depends on: 716260
Depends on: 716270
Depends on: 718962
Depends on: 720249
Depends on: 720243
Depends on: 329687
Depends on: 720345
Depends on: 720379
Depends on: 564328
Depends on: filterbar
Depends on: 579576
Depends on: 721666
No longer depends on: 579576
Depends on: 723049
Depends on: 501426
Depends on: 466019
Depends on: 786606
Blocks: 791957
No longer blocks: 791957
Depends on: 791957
Depends on: 738194
Depends on: 886699
Depends on: 919276
Depends on: 1058373
Depends on: 541198
Depends on: 1293048
Depends on: 1387411
Depends on: 1464041

mozilla message has been defunct for a number of years not and User documentation is managed through Bugzilla is not used to discuss, or initiate documentation on SUMO. So closing this bug

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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