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Incremental page loading is broken


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There have been reports that pages no longer load incrementally. After a long
pause the entire page is displayed.
Severity: normal → major
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9
Incremental page loading seems to be working.

I tried created a very large document consisting of a <BODY> followed by
thousands of <P> tags. 
After a few seconds it displayed the top portion of the document while
continuing to load the rest of the document which took another (approx. 20seconds.)

I also tried creating a very large document consisting of a table with thousands
of rows. It also loaded incrementally.

I tried running using a 28k connection and loaded Mozilla loaded
the top table incrementally.

The last few days, I've been seeing the following case, which may or may not be
related:  the page starts to load, and I see most of the content.  If hyperlinks
are included in the displayed content, they will light up on mouse hover (if
style is set for that).  Then suddenly, the entire page blanks out, and then I
see the exact same content load again.  During this second load, the same
hyperlinks and such can't be clicked until the page is nearly finished.  I
*think* it's only visible with a slower connection, and it doesn't seem to
happen on all sites.  Could this be the problem that was reported?  One site for
this was
Blocks: 71668
we are not displaying pages as quickly as we could.  In many cases the
nsParser::OnDataAvailable is called multiple times (10+) without flushing any
tags. This leads to sluggish display of pages, especially on slow connections.
Even large local pages  take up to 5 seconds before anything appears with a fast
machine (750Mhz). If I change the content.notify.interval default in
nsHTMLContentSink from 1 second to 1/4 second pages display their initial
contents much faster.  In the local page case it went from 5 seconds to less
than 1 second..  The initial display of sites such as and with
a slow connection is much faster after changing the default as well.

The original content.notify.interval code was implemented by
The default for content.notify.interval  has not changed since his original
checkin for bug 17325  . The comments in the bug lead me to believe that we have
not attempted to tune the default value given to content.notify.interval.
You can test out the content.notify.interval change without having to apply the
patch. Just add the following pref:

user_pref("content.notify.interval",  250000);
jrgm's peformance tests show no degredation in performance when the pref is
changed from 1 second to 1/4 second. The tests do not show a performance hit
until the pref is set to 1/10 of second or below. 

When I check in the patch I'll add a comment explaining how the default value of

The only performance hit I have seen is loading large text documents. The
reflows generated as the result of the content appended are very inefficient so
increasing the number of reflows doubled the page load time in this case. I
filed a new bug to look at this issue bug 72885.
Fix checked in.
Closed: 19 years ago
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