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Change buildbot configs to upload symbols to


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bug 688186 is going to replace dm-symbolpush01 with There will be a transition period where we run them both in parallel, but we'll eventually kill dm-symbolpush01. We'll need to change the buildbot configs to point to the new machine. (We'll probably also need to pre-accept the SSH host key from the new machine so that uploads don't hang.)

There will probably be a NetOps bug blocking this one to get the networking details worked out.
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ted, what's the status of the dependent bugs here? when can we go ahead with this?
The machine is up and running in PHX, I'm not 100% sure if we have everything set up properly there. As part of bug 722756 we should shake out most of those issues.
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Priority: P3 → P2
Depends on: 742045
per irc w/cshields just now:

The symbolpush VM is being powered off and *staying* off on 4/13. We'll need to switch to new symbolpush VM before then to avoid a symbol outage. Reading bug#688186, and from irc, its unclear if the new VM is ready for use as replacement in production at this time.
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thunderbird symbols upload patch

r+ for the copy & paste. Do you really upload try symbols to the main symbol server ?
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This is ready to go. 

I've verified the non-try compile machines can reach and /mnt/netapp/breakpad/symbols_ffx and symbols_mob is writable by ffxbld. There's a slight issue with xulrunner symbols (bug 688186 comment #54) but they are low priority and we can fix that up after the fact.
Duplicate of this bug: 722766
Comment #8 refers to the Firefox.
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calendar symbols upload patch

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Landed in
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thunderbird symbols upload patch

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[buildbot-configs] non-try symbols upload to
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Deployed and a set of Firefox & Mobile nightlies on mozilla-aurora had no problems uploading symbols.

jhopkins, if the thunderbird and lightning changes are deployed please close this bug.
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