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1. go to maps.google.com
(since the UA changed, it's set to classic maps.google.com page)
2. rotate the device from portrait to landscape.
3. try panning on the actual page itself rather than on maps.

Expected: panning snaps back
Actual: panning can get stuck

Note: also zoom/panning perf is slower on maps.google.com compared to stock browser.
separated out from bug 701697
Samsung Galaxy S II, 2.3, 02/03/2012
When I rotate on the Galaxy Nexus, I see the map and can use touch events in it but I cant pan left and right to see the rest of the Google page.
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6 years ago
do we know if this is a webkit coding issue, or something in fennec?
Not sure. If they are preventing panning when you drag anywhere on the page (which I think is what they do...) we should not allow ourselves to get into the state that nhirata did. i.e. the page should never pan which is what Aaron is seeing. Need to check the source to know if that's the case though.

Performance issues are probably covered by bug 724001.

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6 years ago
certainly reproducible on 2/27 build, especially if you try rotating back from portait->landscape->portrait.
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This happens on Maple as well.
Whiteboard: maple
I filed bug 730985 to deal more specifically with the overscroll or zoom problems from us incorrectly allowing you to pan the page.
Let's make this a meta-bug and use the individual bugs to work on it.  Un-nominating for blocking-fennec1.0; we will nominate the blocking bugs instead.
blocking-fennec1.0: ? → ---
Depends on: 724001, 730985
Keywords: meta
Summary: Panning issues occur on maps.google.com → [meta] Panning issues occur on maps.google.com
Component: General → Graphics, Panning and Zooming
Deps are all fixed (and have been for a while), closing metabug.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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