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clean up telemetry hashtable reflection


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We have a very common:

construct a JSObject O
iterate over hashtable to define properties on O
check for failure
return O

pattern in Telemetry.  And it's only going to get more common with bug 715927 and related bugs.  Let's split this out into common code.
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This is a much-cut-down version of the patch in bug 715927: no addon histograms, no persistent telemetry bits.  IMHO, it's much easier to do this here and then make those patches use it.
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Summary: clean up telemetry hashtable initialization → clean up telemetry hashtable reflection
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Second iteration, with AutoHashtable as discussed on IRC.
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+  // This gets marked immutable in debug builds, so we can't use
+  // AutoHashtable here.
   nsTHashtable<nsCStringHashKey> mTrackedDBs;

Seems like we shouldn't be using a nsTHashtable for that either. Could probably just keep a list of hashes precompiled at compile-time with some template magic. Where is a perfect-hash lib when you need one :(
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Rebasing to something that applies cleanly to m-c.
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