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At FOSDEM, many of our European community members expressed an interest in founding a new discussion forum to coordinate our efforts wrt. ACTA.

We would like to extend that beyond Europe to our community members from other countries that are going to be affected.
Sounds like a great idea. But ACTA is wider than Europe, and the problem is wider than ACTA. It would be good to have a forum where the worldwide Mozilla community could collaborate on dealing with these sorts of laws and agreements - starting with ACTA, but also son-of-SOPA or son-of-PIPA if they ever turn up, or whatever. So putting "acta" in the name might be a little restrictive.

How about ? :-)) (I just made up a new word!)

Or ?

It's wider than ACTA, that's a good point.


Though the meaning of the acronym IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) is not immediately clear to most people.
I think that's a term we should avoid:

That's true. Can't argue with Stallman :-)

Will have to think of something else, maybe something that includes the concept of freedom, like:

Digital Freedoms?

or maybe:

Digital Rights?
Hmm. A bit long-winded.

Gandalf - do you have a view? (I still like "actavism"...)

"Acting against Acta"?

Btw, in Europe, the next meeting around Acta is February 27th. And demonstrations are organized tomorrow Saturday.
I agree that we should do efforts together and coordinate somehow.

For example in Spain, a SOPA-clone law was approved on January and starting on March it's going to be applied. Unfortunately we're going to be a test field for these kind of laws :(
OK; I'm going to make a call. it is.

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6 years ago

Email credentials have been sent to :gandalf. Is that the appropriate admin user for this list?
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I'd like to admin it too, please.

Short description: For discussion of Mozilla's efforts to counter laws which damage, and promote laws which enhance, the Mozilla mission. 

(In reply to Gervase Markham [:gerv] from comment #10)
> I'd like to admin it too, please.
> Short description: For discussion of Mozilla's efforts to counter laws which
> damage, and promote laws which enhance, the Mozilla mission. 
> Gerv

« ... worldwide »?
Yes :-) 

s/\./, worldwide\./


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These updates have been pushed live.
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6 years ago
hmm, there seems to be sth wrong with it:

1) all posts sent from my newsgroup client are being send to the moderator. I'm this moderator but I don't have an admin pass, so I cannot push them :)

2) Messages sent via google groups UI are being sent directly to the group and are visible in my newsgroup client, but not on the google page -

Any ideas why? :)
I see two posts in the newsgroup, one from you and one from me.

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6 years ago
but only if you look via a newsgroup client. The one from me has been sent via Google Groups UI. I sent it via my newsgroup client before, twice, and both landed in a moderation queue.
As an admin, I did receive the notice about messages in queue, but cannot process them without the admin password. :)
I just approved Gandalf's message (at least, one copy of it).


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6 years ago
then we have three copies of it now :) Can you remove two? Thanks!
Er, not easily :-| Message removal is near-impossible if you want it removed from all 3 forums. Just roll with it :-)

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