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Battery API: On Galaxy Nexus, the Battery API reports "charging" and "full" even if not full and not plugged


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(firefox10 wontfix, firefox11 affected, firefox12 affected, firefox13 fixed)

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firefox10 --- wontfix
firefox11 --- affected
firefox12 --- affected
firefox13 --- fixed


(Reporter: paul, Assigned: mounir)


(Whiteboard: mwc-demo)


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I use this code:

It works on HTC Desire HD + IRC.
On Galaxy Nexus, I get "level: 1, charging: true;" what ever the status of the battery is (plugged on not plugged, charged or not charged).
I've been told that by someone from dev engagement but I don't have a Galaxy Nexus.

What do you mean by HTC Desire HD + IRC?
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(sorry, I meant ICS, not IRC)
Yes, I've seen the same thing on Galaxy Nexus, and like Doug pointed out, it seems to be due to a bug at their end.
WONTFIX since our code works.  Please subscribe to the google bug if you are interested.
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I prefer to reopen it because I guess there is a way to get the battery information on this phone a way or another given that likely the battery widget is working.
I will buy a Galaxy Nexus next week when back in Paris and have a look at that. Reopening and assigning to myself for that.
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WebAPI Web app includes the battery API in the demo.  Adding the whiteboard mwc-demo because of this.
Whiteboard: mwc-demo
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This should work around the low level issue.

BTW, it's not an ICS issue. I tried with a Nexus S with ICS and things were working nicely.
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if there are more devices that need to be special cased, we can factor that test out into its own function.
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Pushed to m-c:

Should we take this fix to Firefox 11 and/or 12 given that it's really safe and will prevent people from complaining that this new feature we might advertise doesn't work on their phones?
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