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Tracking bug for MWC mobile demos


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This is a tracking for all of the demos for phones and tablets for this year's MWC.  We are using it to track current status of each, as well as the coordinate design work and link to and resolve platform/product bugs.
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Here's also the Wiki page that prioritizes each demo with each device:
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OS: Mac OS X → Android
Hardware: x86 → All
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(In reply to Jaclyn Fu from comment #3)
> Here's also the Wiki page that prioritizes each demo with each device:

Jaclyn, is this wiki page intentionally on the internal MoCo wiki?
Since it contains info on our approach going into MWC, I didn't think we would want this out in the open for press to pick up..but can happily move it over the the normal wiki site if that's not an issue
Chris, two very important points we need clarification on ASAP

- The webgl demos are not longer planned per Paul b/c of time constraints 

- Additionally, we need confirmation that Runfield is the one demo expected for phones on Maple per the demo matrix:

- ALL other demos are fine to run on Fennec Native Nightly and BrowserQuest is clear to just run on tablets.
OK, Final decision:

- Maple is off the critical path for any demos for MWC

- Games: runfield and browserquest will be shown on tablets (XUL GA)

- WebApps/API Demos: will be shown on phones on Fennec Native Nightly
Joe, Jeff: ^
Depends on: 728614
All images are vector/SVG ready.

QR Reader App and Task list design will be shared tomorrow.
Thanks Ty!
Thanks Ty,

Can I get the noise background, the different colors and gradient values and the images (as PNG)?
Also, if you have time, a landscape and tablet design/layout would help!

Thank you for your work!
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Excellent! Can I get the images and the color specs?
Depends on: 729141
I compressed all the assets for the Demos here:

includes PNGs, PSDs, SVGs, my messy CSS and fonts.
(In reply to Ty Flanagan from comment #17)
> I compressed all the assets for the Demos here: 
> includes PNGs, PSDs, SVGs, my messy CSS and fonts.

Thank you!
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