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nsBrowserGlue does unnecessary work when there are no new add-ons installed


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In nsBrowserGlue, _onWindowsRestored checks for newly installed addons - if there are any then it opens tabs for about:newaddon. However, if there are *not* any new addons, then it still unnecessary uses the Add-ons Manager API to fetch data for an empty list of addons.
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Think we should optimize those APIs directly too, but this code should at least not needlessly call it.

(Found after adding additional logging and timing measurements for optimizing on mobile. Yes really.)
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Really? Calling AddonManager.getAddonsByIDs with an empty array is largely a no-op. If that is costing us then we have real issues :(
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Oh, I doubt it's costing us a lot - I just saw the function call in my logs. It's quick of course, but it's still doing a bunch of stuff for no reason.
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Depends on: 736542
Bug 736542 backed this out, as it broke:
Resolution: FIXED → ---
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since it's related, next time you land this could you also please change the module import to a lazy import? That's really useless work we do at app-startup :)
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I so totally did what mak suggested 2 min before he suggested it. Really truely!

Also converted the nearby usages of defineLazyGetters into defineLazyModuleGetters while I was there, cos that's the new hotness.
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This one is ever betterer! (Just a little code polish after comments from mak)
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Patch v1.2

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oh well, since this doesn't touch add-ons manager code, and it's bitrotting with bug 482911, I'll r it in the hope it lands soon and we can unbitrot against it.

::: browser/components/nsBrowserGlue.js
@@ +430,1 @@
>      var changedIDs = AddonManager.getStartupChanges(AddonManager.STARTUP_CHANGE_INSTALLED);

nit: old code uses var, but newer code (see keywordURLUserSet) uses let, should probably use let.

@@ +430,4 @@
>      var changedIDs = AddonManager.getStartupChanges(AddonManager.STARTUP_CHANGE_INSTALLED);
> +    if (changedIDs.length > 0) {
> +      let win = this.getMostRecentBrowserWindow();
> +      let browser = win.gBrowser;

nit: win is used only here and once, may coalesce to oneline
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Patch v1.2.000001

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yes what I meant
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Target Milestone: Firefox 13 → Firefox 14
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