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Enable DLL preloading when MozillaMaintenance service disabled prefetch


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We currently only do DLL preloading when we think that the Windows prefetch isn't used.  We should also do DLL preloading when the maintenance service has performed a successful clear prefetch operation.
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Alfred Kayser 2012-02-16 23:59:42 PST

I would move the LOG statement of the failing WritePrefetchClearedReg function inside that function, just as the other LOG statement is also there.
+  if (retCode != ERROR_SUCCESS) {
+    LOG(("Could not open key. (%d)\n", retCode));
+  }
And, add a 'return false' here after the LOG.
Attached patch Patch v2. (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Implemented review comments and rebased to m-c tip.
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Attachment #597866 - Flags: review?(jmathies)
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Patch v2.

Review of attachment 598233 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: browser/app/nsBrowserApp.cpp
@@ +251,5 @@
>    // in the program. Luckily 1 coincides with when prefetch is
>    // enabled. If Windows prefetch didn't happen we can do our own
>    // faster dll preloading.
> +  // The MozillaMaintenance service issues a command to disable the
> +  // pretch by replacing all found .pf files with 0 byte read only

nit - 'pretch'

::: toolkit/components/maintenanceservice/prefetch.cpp
@@ +54,5 @@
> +  LONG retCode = RegOpenKeyExW(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 
> +                               BASE_SERVICE_REG_KEY, 0,
> +                               KEY_WRITE | KEY_WOW64_64KEY, &baseKeyRaw);
> +  if (retCode != ERROR_SUCCESS) {
> +    LOG(("Could not open key. (%d)\n", retCode));

does this LOG macro do file name / line number logging? If not you might want to make that msg more specific.
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Implemented nits, carrying forward r+.
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Patch v3.

Actually I don't think this one needs a super-review so clearing that flag.
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Rebased to tip
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Is there anything to verify here from an end-user perspective?
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No this was verified by seeing telemetry data.
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