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We are using as a Web app demo for MWC, but the author currently doesn't serve the right code for the Firefox user agent so it looks a bit stretched on tablets. 

Can we get our evangelism team reach out to him ASAP and convince him to include Firefox' UA alongthe iPad's one? (and if he has time, to add the -moz- prefix to some of his CSS rules).

So, this looks like it is still a blocker:
Assigning to Jaclyn for now: Can you pls. figure out who from evangelism should own this? Pls. comment if this is no longer a blocker. Thank you.
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I sent an email to the author but got no answer back. I will check tomorrow.
This is not a blocker, just a nice to have
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Just got an answer:

Hi Chris,
I've been asked about this previously, at the time I was told that there was no way to distinguish between the User Agent string for Firefox on a tablet and Firefox on the desktop, so I decided against making any changes.
However it looks like (according to this page: there is now a way to identify tablet traffic based on the user agent string, so I'll try and find some time to make the necessary changes and will get back to you. 
Adding the missing -moz- prefixes should be easy enough.
Dean Robinson
On 21/02/2012, at 4:08 AM, Chris Heilmann wrote:
> Hello Dean,
> Chris Heilmann from Mozilla here. We are going to be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week (a massive conference with 50k visitors) and wanted to show demos with Hahlo on mobile devices - especially Android tablets with Firefox.
> The issue we have right now is that Hahlo doesn't send the Tablet UI to Firefox on tablets, which is why it looks stretched.
> Could you fix that and also add the -moz- prefixes to the CSS where now there's only -webkit-?
> We'd love to show off your product on your behalf, but this is a show-stopper. It would also be a great story to tell the audience about the flexibility of HTML5 - as in: this was built for iphone but with a few changes it now works on all these Android devices, too.
> There is also a bug filed for it:
> Looking forward to your answer...
> Cheers
> Chris
This seems to be fixed now - see attachment. I have no iPhone so I can't see if there are CSS effects (transitions) but it seems he added -moz- extensions (some of them outdated like -moz-box-shadow)
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