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new racks in scl1


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From my notes on 1/25/2012 from our meeting:

Derek asked what *would* be useful in scl1.  "Several" additional racks
will give wiggle-room for machines currently stashed in mtv1 which will
sunset in ~1 year, and possibly for community-network equipment.  Derek
will over-provision space, giving us decent flexibility, without the
expectation of everything moving to scl1.

A few weeks ago Derek mentioned that this was proceeding apace, but I haven't heard anything since.

This will block a few other sjc1-evacuation processes, so I wanted to get a bug filed to track those dependencies, and so we have a place-of-record to keep status updates.
Blocks: 720560, 721516
Derek, do you expect that this space will be ready by the 3/26 train?
QA Contact: cshields → dmoore
We should have the additional rack space in place by then.

The power upgrades for the existing mac mini racks may be installed, but we probably won't want to rush the migration. These power upgrades are mostly for dcops, anyways, and shouldn't block you in any significant way.

I'll have firm dates for you by 3/15.
Yer the best!
As I emailed, we bumped the scl1-bound community minis off of the 3/26 train today, since the space and power are not ready.  Erica gave me some of the background on why.  When you have one, can you let us know what the updated ETA is?  Since there are really only 7 minis we need to find a home for, we can get creative if this is unlikely to be finished by the end of sjc1.  I just need some time to get the creative juices flowing :)
Looks like three of the four racks (row 2, specifically) are in place now.

Any news on expected timing, so I can schedule moves?
From Erica:

They have started the construction and expect to be completed within 2 weeks. They are waiting for one last rack to arrive at the data center and are doing some significant electrical work with our pre-existing racks, such as putting the new circuits on a new power panel, which doesn't affect us much. It is just taking a little longer. Once they are done, we can add our PDUs and rack shelves and will be ready for the minis to arrive.

The hosts moving here are on the F train (4/24).
This is, in theory, going to be finished by 4/24.  The minis are arriving at that time, at any rate, and will get racked and powered and networked somewhere.
There's minis in them thar racks, so this is closed AFAIC.
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