Make nsIFrame::ComputeSize take a bitfield |aFlags| instead of |bool aShrinkWrap|

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At the beginning of the flexbox algorithm, we need to get the computed size (possibly the shrinkwrapped size) of each child-frames, *without* taking min/max width/height into consideration.[1]

We can't easily do this right now, though. nsIFrame::ComputeSize is the obvious method to use, but it applies min/max constraints to the returned values.

THEREFORE: I'd like to allow nsIFrame::ComputeSize to optionally ignore min/max.  To do that, I'd like to replace the final |bool aShrinkWrap| ComputeSize argument with a "flags" bitfield (with eShrinkWrap being the first flag in that field).

[1] The flexbox algorithm starts with these sizes, _then_ assigns extra space based on flexibility, and _then_ clamps based on min/max constraints.  If we apply min/max constraints too early, it'll produce different, incorrect behavior, since there will be a different amount of available space.
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fix v1

Not sure this is complete/correct, but it compiles.  Will request review after a bit more sanity-checking.
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fix v1


I wonder if you should make the same conversion apply to ComputeAutoSize, though.

We should definitely use MOZ_OVERRIDE more aggressively in layout.
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(In reply to David Baron [:dbaron] from comment #4)
> I wonder if you should make the same conversion apply to ComputeAutoSize,
> though.

Possibly, yeah.

I didn't do that yet because the one flag that I'm interested in adding (for "ignore min/max width/height properties") isn't needed in ComputeAutoSize.  (That method already ignores min/max constraints.)

It might be good for consistency & future-proofing, though.  Let me know if you'd like me to do that as part of this bug; otherwise I'll hold off on it for now.

> We should definitely use MOZ_OVERRIDE more aggressively in layout.

Agreed.  I've just filed bug 733186 on that.
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