Remove non-functional and unwanted pgo_platforms overrides



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7 years ago makes the default for pgo_platforms the tuple ('linux', 'linux64', 'win32', 'win64') and a couple copy-pasted from it make it the list ['linux', 'linux64', 'win32']

various places say "if config['pgo_strategy'] == 'periodic' and platform in config['pgo_platforms']" and based on what we actually run, which is win64 everywhere that we've tried not to run it, get their answer from the default rather than the project_branches attempt at an override.

Whether we *should* be doing what we're trying to do, allow branches to land Win64 PGO bustage and not know about it until they merge to mozilla-central, is a different question, but we aren't doing what we're trying to do, right or wrong.

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7 years ago
Oh, probably because overriding stuff doesn't work by magic, it works by having either copy it or not.
Is this valid, based on comment #1? pgo_platforms is overridable, you just need to do the leg work of setting the values yourself.

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7 years ago
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Stop trying to override platforms

Well, I think it's still valid: to me it seems crazy to have three things about PGO you can set for a project branch, two of which will be copied for you, one of which you'll set and it won't be copied for you and it won't actually have any effect. OTOH, despite having done it twice myself, I don't really think that anyone should ever be deciding to not run PGO on some platform we do PGO on for just one branch, so "stop ineffectively trying to override pgo_platforms" is an equally good bug, and equally easy to patch.
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7 years ago
Summary: pgo_platforms overrides don't work → Remove non-functional and unwanted pgo_platforms overrides

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Stop trying to override platforms
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Waiting on a reconfig.
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This change went live in a reconfiguration around 9AM.


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