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kumascript: Use statsd in kumascript


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(Whiteboard: s=2012-07-25 p=2)

It would be nice to measure some things out of kumascript:

* Response times in performing macro evaluation for documents
* Execution times of individual templates
* Most-used templates
* Templates reporting the most errors
* Documents reporting the most errors


Seems like statsd would be the easiest way to get this measured in kumascript, so we can see pretty graphite graphs.
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Hmm, maybe this isn't a blocker to kumascript launch. But, might be nice to have shortly thereafter.
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Something else to measure:

* Cache hits / misses in general, per page, per template, etc
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No longer blocks: 756266
Blocks: 756266
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Whiteboard: s=2012-07-17
Just making sure you guys know: Jake mentioned that we should be all set to use the Graphite server in PHX1.
Whiteboard: s=2012-07-17 → s=2012-07-25
Estimating points even though the PR is already in.
Whiteboard: s=2012-07-25 → s=2012-07-25 p=2
Commits pushed to master at
bug 734495: update kumascript to use statsd, disabled by default in vagrant (so far)
Merge pull request #429 from lmorchard/more-events-and-measurements

bug 734495: update kumascript to use statsd, disabled by default in vagrant (so far)
This has been merged. It will probably need further adjustment, but that should drive follow-up bugs
Closed: 11 years ago
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Agreed. Thank you for taking care of this, guys!
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