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Support / convert MindTouch template scripts in migration script


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MindTouch supports DekiScript, and MDN uses it to write server-side scripting in templates that are used in pages. 

Kuma needs to support at least the existing body of templates, and possibly the server-side scripting feature as well.

This will probably be a tracking bug of its own.

* Perform a survey of template scripts in use, get a sense of what are the most scripting intense and which are just parameterized HTML chunks.

* Determine how crucial server-side scripting is, or if maybe we can get away with implementing some templates in Python.

* If necessary, we can experiment with our own scripting system based on server-side JS. This deserves its own bug. Possibly something atop node.js & HTTP-addressable within the cluster

* Could we get most of the value from a hybrid approach aiming at 80/20? eg. One kind of template that's parameterized HTML, another that's implemented in Python, and a few that are built with server-side scripting?
Blocks: 710713
Found some bugs that are either duplicates or dependencies for this one. Adding them all to this one.
Depends on: 665701, 671886, 671900, 665759, 659364
Depends on: 714804
Depends on: 715253
Once we get to the point of having kumascript far enough along to seriously tackle this task, it will probably end up being only partially susceptible to automation and still require some manual effort. Need to document the automatic parts / build tools in migration or the template editor.

Things found so far:

* ?? in DekiScript becomes || in EJS
* .. in DekiScript becomes + in EJS
* The XML literals mingled with code in DekiScript invert into markup mixed with <? ?> script blocks in EJS
* Missing DekiScript API objects and methods need to be implemented, per bug 730707
* Alternatively, code relying on DekiScript APIs can be rewritten to use JS methods (eg. string.substr, etc)
Depends on: 730994
Depends on: 755019
Depends on: 756204
No longer depends on: 671900
Blocks: 756263
No longer blocks: 710713
Depends on: 665758
Priority: -- → P1
Depends on: 720153
No longer depends on: 659364
Depends on: 747166
Depends on: 747160
Depends on: 747154
Depends on: 747158
Depends on: 722673
Depends on: 734251
No longer depends on: 734251
Depends on: 730705
Depends on: 734251
Depends on: 736183
Depends on: 744520
Depends on: 747151
Depends on: 731651
Depends on: 734495
Blocks: 659364
No longer blocks: 756263
No longer depends on: 665758
No longer depends on: 731651
No longer depends on: 720153
No longer depends on: 734495
No longer depends on: 744520
No longer depends on: 736183
Depends on: 753781
No longer depends on: 722673
No longer depends on: 747151
Depends on: 761826
No longer depends on: 761826
No longer depends on: 756204
No longer blocks: 659364
So, bug 765225 kind of reads like a dup of this one. But, let's say that this one is about the automated migration and bug 765225 is the manual work to take them the rest of the way.
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Summary: Support / convert MindTouch template scripts → Support / convert MindTouch template scripts in migration script
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