Forwarded mail is incorrectly presented in the plaintext editor.

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 14.0


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(Reporter: Mike Hoye, Assigned: mconley)



Thunderbird 14.0

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Steps to reproduce:

I have this message in my sentmail folder: 


Hello, folks -

I'm just following up about the tech demo I showed you in late January. Have you come to any conclusions about it?


Michael Hoye
Bespoke I/O 


and when I click "Forward", I see this:


-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: WebFWD Intro

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 11:34:55 -0500

From: Mike Hoye <>

To: Pascal Finette | Mozilla <>

CC: Diane Bisgeier <>

Hello, folks -


I'm just following up about the tech demo I showed you in late January. Have you come to any conclusions about it?

-- Michael HoyeBespoke I/O


Because wat.

Actual results: 

Expected results:

Not that.
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Keywords: regression
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Summary: Forwarded mail is incorrectly presented in the editor. → Forwarded mail is incorrectly presented in the plaintext editor.
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Patch v1

First run at a patch.
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Patch v1

It's funny - the bug I was seeing before, where carriage returns were being truncated...I'm not seeing it now.  I wonder if the changes made to nsMsgCompose.cpp fixed that.  :/

Regardless, this *seems* to fix things.  Do you have cycles to test / review this, Jim?
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A workaround for now is to forward mail using the HTML editor (press and hold Shift while clicking Forward to do this).

Comment 4

5 years ago
Confirmed with today's trunk nightly. Forwarding as attachment is broken as well, I'll file a separate bug on that.
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5 years ago
(confirmed that it's broken badly, I mean, not that the patch works - the message is basically completely rearranged when forwarding inline...)

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5 years ago
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Patch v1

Review of attachment 606708 [details] [diff] [review]:

This works for me, too.
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Committed to comm-central as
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 14.0

When tonight's Daily gets spun out, mind taking it for a spin to see if we've fully resolved the issue?




5 years ago
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Pushed to comm-aurora as
status-thunderbird13: --- → fixed

Comment 10

5 years ago
Looking at Thunderbird/14.0a1 BuildID=20120319030043 on Windows 7, the main issue seems to be fixed with today's nightly. The spacing in the forwarded part matches the original spacing. However, there is an additional blank line now at the very top of the plain-text composition window (i.e., three blank lines before the "---Original Message---" heading instead of two as before). This may be unrelated to the bug here though, given that a simple "Write" opens the composition window with an additional blank line on top in the editor which wasn't there before.
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